Steampunk Paralympics.

And crows on stilts. 

T’is all. 

"I am Jacques Roggue. I live to be announced."

In good old fashioned British tradition, I propose that all officials should present their speeches with Punch and Judy puppets. Perhaps the crocodile could try to make off with the microphone from time to time. 

Workmate’s Husband may have been spotted already. 

Queen determined to impersonate the Grinch at all costs. :3

I think we win the haircuts. Blue mohican/Union Jack undercut FTW! 

Organisers being impartial, as you can’t see from the confetti. :3

BorisxPrincess Anne, OTP?? 

… Maybe not. 

So, let’s get this straight, C4. You cut away from the Paralympics to advertise… the Paralympics? Logic, t’is impeccable! 8D

No Vatican? Aww :( 

Wait- there are DJs? 

"Many athletes say "Don’t look at my disbailities, look at me as an athlete." Is this a common view?" You reckon, commentator? >.< 

"What’s the Queen got on her ears? Are they little earplugs? Is she listening to the Archers or something?" - family 

Might be wrong, but I think Rwanda has more paralympians than it had Olympians. Pleasant surprise if that is the case.  

Might need sunglasses for Senegal.

Noo, adveerts. T-T

At least that BT ad has a nice water feature. Charlie Dimmock, eat your heart out.

Could have missed Oscar Pistorius there. People would have been unamused. 

Marshall hurrying people along…

Papua New Guinea have the most awesome flag, like, ever. 

More drunken dancing from the Polish. XD 

Got to love the national leaders who get up and dance. :3

Family have decided that the Nigerian team looks like “Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum”. >.<

The women from Oman look amazing. The men must be feeling quite underdressed. 

There should be a “Best Olympic Moustaches” contest. 

The background dancers have resorted to ‘The Drunken Uncle’. 

Just remembered the Husband of one of Mum’s workmates is competing. Askd her if she’ll be searching the screen for him when Team GB come on. She said she will. 

Italy not even trying to defy national stereotypes there. XD

Huzzah for makeshift binoculars!

No Commentator, you’d call it pink. Because it’s pink. 

More Brazilians there than in Brazil. :3

You wanna live like common people, you wanna see whatever common people see.. ♫

Interesting hats from Burkina Faso. 

No, commentators, nothing you can say is going to make the classification system make sense to anybody who’s not a Judge. It’s like the scoring system for the Diving. 

Love her purple hair. *.* 

"Happy and Glorious? Bah, humbug"

"Now stay awake this time, Mother"

- Prince Edward, according to mein Mutter. 

Not sure why the document wheel looked like that, but I like it and I want one.