A fun thing to do is to search for nearby wifi when driving through residential areas.


A fun thing to do is to search for nearby wifi when driving through residential areas.


how to get a girls panties wet:

  1. kiss her roughly 
  2. shove her down on the bed
  3. slip off her underwear
  4. slam dunk em in the toilet
How weird it is to think I used to not know of your existence. I somehow lived my life without ever knowing you were a person. Once we met though, god I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since. It’s hard to imagine I used to be able to live my life without you consuming my head with thoughts.
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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

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You can’t teach the bad out of bad people…

This is dumb

It’s not that fucking complicated. You shouldn’t fucking rape people. All of that is irrelevant. Yeah, teach children not to play with fire because it’s dangerous and also YOU CANNOT TEACH FIRE. However, you can teach people to not violate other people sexually. You can teach people to respect others’ boundaries when it comes to sex. We shouldn’t have to teach people to protect themselves against rape when people shouldn’t fucking rape to begin with.

To be fair a few of the analogies were terrible, but how about this:

  • Don’t teach people to get security systems for their homes, teach thieves not to steal.
  • Don’t teach people to wear seat-belts, teach people to drive better.
  • Don’t teach kids not to walk by themselves with strangers, teach pedophiles not to prey on children.
  • Don’t teach people to protect themselves, teach murderers not to kill.

The point being that “teaching men not to rape” is stupid on multiple levels, the main level being that teaching men not to rape, which is already something that is embedded in (each word is a link) us from birth, is not going to stop rape from happening. Obviously, people don’t commit crimes because they didn’t know it was wrong before they did it. And, contrary to the popular beleif perpetuated by the rape culture hysteria, reported rapes are actually at a 20-year low.

Ask yourself this: When the fuck was the last time you saw a convicted rapist say: “I wouldn’t have raped her if I knew rape was wrong! It’s society’s fault, not mine!” I cringed typing every word of that quote because of the sheer amount stupidity in it, but this is the argument you are making when you say men should be “taught” not to rape. That (1.) men apparently didn’t know that the act was heinous before they did it, and (2.) that rape is a male-only crime.

I’m going to make a few points here, regarding the above post in particular. 

a) I don’t like the assumption that there are certain, easily avoidable, forms of behaviour which ‘provoke’ rape. There aren’t. Often, rapists rape out of a desire to humilate the victim, or because they get off on raping people- in which case the victim’s clothing or sexual behaviour won’t make any difference. Most rapes are committed by people the victim knows, so avoiding strangers isn’t guaranteed protection, but even stranger rape isn’t easy to predict. For instance, sometimes it’s the driver of the taxi you’d called because walking home seemed too risky. 

b) I also don’t like the implicit assumption that you can tell who is likely to rape you just by looking, and avoid those people easily . You just can’t. I’m going to leave this link here, as it explains why better than I could. 

c) It’s a fact that many ‘anti-rape’ precautions are highly inconvenient (never leave the house alone after dark, never be under the influence of anything), or require Mad-Eye Moody levels of suspiciousness to follow (never be alone with a male acquaintance). You could live your life like this, but, honestly, who would want to? We’re not talking about always remembering to lock your door behind you here, we’re talking about a never ending stream of adaptions, many of which are infantilising, prevent you from taking part in activities you enjoy, or are simply a hassle to implement. It’s simply not fair to place *that* amount of responsibility on potential victims, and then blame them for getting assaulted if they can’t keep it up.  

(Not to mention the fact that the few people who *do* follow the anti-rape advice to the letter then get criticised for “being paranoid” or “thinking all men are rapists”. Even those who are supposedly doing right are still doing wrong. Plus, although victims of rape can be any gender, anti-rape precautions are only expected of women. There is no way to justify that, in my opinion.) 

d) Yes, there will always be rapists and burglars and murderers and domestic abusers in the world. Most of them are not unstoppable forces of nature. Teaching people about consent won’t prevent rape from ever happening, but it will close a lot of the loopholes which allow would-be rapists to justify raping someone to themselves; and which cause people to let rapists off the hook on grounds such as ‘he must have consented, he had an erection’, or ‘she slept around a lot, she probably wanted it’.

e) Even when someone is burgled or murdered as a result of being truly, genuinely stupid- say, they left their car windows open on a secluded road with several valuables in full view, or picked a fight with a known armed thug- the court will still consider them the victim of a crime. “He should have known better than to fuck with me!” won’t get someone off a murder charge, and “But her laptop was just *sitting* there! And she let me borrow it once before!” won’t elicit any sympathy from the jury, the press, or any bystanders. 

Rape is the only crime where “They made it easy for me to do it” and “They made me really want to do it” are considered valid enough excuses to reframe the victim as the aggressor and the aggressor as the victim. Sexist tropes about both male and female sexuality, and how men and women *should* behave are very much at the heart of this, to the point where you can’t really detach them from how rape is handled in society. 


this show is incredible



hey instead of bullying straight/white/cis people because “they havent been oppressed” how about we dONT PICK ON ANYBODY AT ALL??????H OW ABOUT WE????FUCKING PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH AND BE NICE TO INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVENT DONE ANYTHING TO HURT US BESIDES EXIST??????????

even more so: don’t look at someone & assume that you know everything about them: you can’t actually know whether someone has been oppressed, or bullied, or anything because of something about them. & yeah even if people haven’t had shit because of who they are you shouldn’t be a twat to them- but let’s not make assumptions about the situations & experiences of strangers in the first place. oppression shouldn’t be a competition.



Andreas Franke, The Sinking World




I had the cops called on me once for crying in public.

Now, what’s wrong with me, if there is anything, is quite mild.  I sometimes have extreme negative emotions; so does my sister.  I have trouble navigating. Apart from that, I’m fine.  Nerdy as hell, a bit intense about my interests, but basically doing well.

But, I have been close to that line where if you cross over, they don’t let you stay in school.  Or keep your job. 

I’ve seen the line, and said “hell no,” and turned back.  

Not everybody can, though.  Some people’s shit is more intense, and they tumble over the line. It’s happened to a lot of my friends.

And I think the line is unjust. Everyone is a person. Even when their mental shit is intense enough that it’s an impairment.  

I don’t like the slide into condescension. I don’t like the implication that you can’t love someone or respect them if they’re crazy. Or, in reverse, the implication that if they are still good or strong or intelligent then they can’t really be mentally ill.  No.  You can be quite seriously fucked up — enough that yeah, people have to work around you, enough that you can be out of touch with reality — and you still have a soul.

It’s shaken me seriously when someone I loved was delusional.  I had to reconcile “he is good and brave and wise” with “he is very, very confused and not thinking straight.”  Both were true.  People are fallible.  Just because he is fallible doesn’t mean he isn’t a man, to be looked in the eye and taken seriously.  We are all fallible in different ways, and have to compensate for each other’s weaknesses.

On this point, I am a radical.  ”Ah, Carl, while you are not safe, I am not safe.”  It is personal.  

I am extremely sympathetic to the mentally ill and otherwise cognitively weird, and I feel pressure not to be.  Am I “romanticizing” conditions that are actually debilitating? Am I “appropriating” by feeling kinship to people who have it a great deal worse than myself?  

(My mom, I believe, was terrified I’d grow up weird, and even more terrified I’d enjoy it.)

But I’m pretty sure that sense of kinship means something. People who are really weird are abused horribly and sometimes murdered. People who are a little weird are kept out of the important meetings where money changes hands.  It is the same phenomenon.  It’s hatred for people who are different.

I once had the police called on me for walking funny. Basically I was out late at night and I was skipping along as I walked so this woman who was driving past called the police and everyone kept asking me to explain why I was walking funny and “I just do” was not a good enough answer.

But yeah I agree with all of this.




This blog supports bisexual women having relationships with men if that’s what makes them happy, and this blog defends their right to not be called hetero for these life choices.

Same goes for bisexual men

Same goes for bisexual men or women having relationships with someone of the same gender without being called homo for their choices


"sure, he’s bad but I know I can change him"

*turns to face camera, teeth dissolve into glittering knives*


Three photos taken in the same place, different times of the year.





If you are a man I urge you to reconsider.

If you reconsider being a man and end up still being a man then I urge you to reconsider what being a man entails.

Eviscerate your masculinity, hollow it out of the all the poisons it is made of and create something new. Will you still be a man after that point? Maybe, maybe not. But you will be better. You will be a person, instead of a weapon.

No. You just made me like being a man even more. Good job.

There is no choice in my gender, there is no “reconsidering”

what the fuuuck

"I don’t like your gender identity. You should take it back to the gender shop and exchange it for a different one. I’ll even give you this BOGOF voucher, so you can choose a couple and try them both on." 

Here’s hoping OP’s a parody blog. 

Over the past year, my sexual fetishes have been slowly getting more perverse; But it wasn't until I spanked a statue that I realized I'd hit rock bottom.










I’m laughing so hard because Artemis is a Greek goddess of, among other things, maidenhood and archery.  She is literally an aro/ace arrow ace.